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The Foundation leverages the world’s largest petition platform in Asia, Africa and Latin American countries, combining it with highly localized programs, training and technology for collective action.

Highlights .

Impact Report

The stories and striking stats behind She Creates Change.

Our new Impact Report brings insights into the powerful journeys of 150 women and the change they are creating in India.

Civic Engagement Index

Mapping the new era of digital activism.

More than 110 million people worldwide have supported campaigns in a historical movement in response to COVID-19 on the platform.

Elections Report 2020

At, democracy does not stop at the ballot box.

Analyzing how citizens are using people-powered online campaigns to shape election agendas.

Vidas Negras

Fighting for racial justice with key influencers in Brazil.

A huge media campaign is pushing for visibility, one of the the main needs of Brazilian black activists.


Working toward gender equality in Japan.

In a country where women hold only 3.4% of corporate board seats, campaigns like #KuToo are urgently needed to overcome stereotypes and sexism.

Impact at scale where
it’s most needed .

We’ve proven our ability to build movements across Latin America and Asia with strong local teams across 13 countries.

Grassroots organizing

Collaborating with people directly affected by injustice and inequality, to lead campaigns that can impact their communities

Digital campaigning

Leveraging the Inc. online platform to create transformational change

Learning & data intelligence

Understanding impact through technology-driven, citizen-led campaigning and localized community engagement