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Pandemic Report 2020

COVID-19 has ushered in a new era of digital activism.


Women campaigners in India are winning more campaigns against COVID-19 than men

Several parts of India are seeing sharp increases in coronavirus cases. As of writing, there have been more than 286,000 confirmed cases, according to the country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and analysts fear that the peak is yet to come. While the government enforced strict precautionary measures such as a nationwide lockdown, citizens have turned to […]


How shifting the coronavirus narrative can help protect lives

This is how a simple campaign is helping Argentinians regain a sense of control in a period of extreme uncertainty.


A proper democracy can help us cope with the coronavirus

In the age of coronavirus quarantines, it is not enough for institutions to tell their people to #StayAtHome. We need more solutions to help us get by and we’re here to make sure they listen.


At, democracy doesn’t stop at the ballot box.

This exclusive report illustrates how petitions engaged millions of citizens in defending democracy.


#KuToo in Japanese offices

A global conversation about gender inequality in the modern workplace


New Executive Director

The Foundation announces Preethi Herman as Global Executive Director.


Democractic voices

With ‘flawed democracy’ on the rise, people are still making their voices heard.


Protecting civic space

To counter closing civic space around the world, the role of online platforms cannot be overstated.


She Creates Change

Women from across India gather to share, learn and run campaigns on everything from health access to parental rights.