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Our model is a virtuous cycle, which operates to generate a dramatic increase in civic participation and more responsive institutions

Projects .

Grassroots community-building programs

We anchor our work on the belief that no person should have to feel powerless. Our team of experienced campaigners and community-building experts allow us to empower and engage with diverse communities, getting them prepared to start campaigning.


She Creates Change

Women from across India gather to share, learn and run campaigns on everything from health access to parental rights.

Research & data intelligence

It’s not enough to say we are a data-driven impact organisation. Our learning-oriented approach allows us to continuously learn about impact through and beyond numbers–attracting new insights on how our work interacts with various aspects of people power.


Creating a People Power Index

How do you measure the impact of a social change petition platform?


Together with our global network of strategic partners in the social change space, we are able to develop high-impact programs and research on how anyone, anywhere can create impact in their communities.


Green Camp

Environmental campaigns in Indonesia show how powerful online integration can be in rapidly mobilizing communities.